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Archabald is a based out of Albuquerque, NM and is known for putting on energetic live performances while mixing elements of Rock and Roll, Ambience and Poetry.  Archabald released their first album "Archives" in 2013 and are currently working on writing a full length album.


Archabald Relativity

Relativity Album Cover

About Relativity

Relativity was released on 2.29.16 (leap year) and was independently recorded. Archabald had a successful kickstarter that helped fund the mixing and mastering of Relativity.  The album was mixed by Beau Burchell of Saosin, who helped push the album to become incredibly dynamic.

Relativity covers a wide range of emotions and musical styles while retaining a cohesive sound throughout the album. With both personal and observational lyrics, the vocals on Relativity bring in influence from artists like Thrice with the additional spoken word vocals in the vein of Listener. Borrowing inspiration from the open and large guitars sounds from artists like Dredg and the more complex rhythm/time signatures of Circa Survive, the guitars on Relativity both screech and soothe while pushing the album to incredible places. 

Album Preview

Full Album


Official music video for Cannibal Heart off of Relativity

Live Performance of Kyros, the first track on Relativity

Press Photos

Archabald By Van
B&W Building
Archabald Walking
Archabald with name

Relativity notes

Relativity Track List:

  1. Kyros
  2. The Great Composer
  3. Relativity
  4. The Glassy Sea
  5. Point of Departure
  6. Cannibal Heart
  7. The Philosopher's Dream
  8. Dissolution
  9. Miss Leigh and Finding the Way
  10. April 1902

Relativity was produced and recorded by Andy Othling
Mixed by Beau Burchell
Mastered at Rogue Planet Mastering
Album artwork by Jacki The Unicorn
Promotional photos by Drew Schrimsher
Funding for the Relativity was helped out by some amazing Kickstarter backers

Archabald is:
Randy Bowen, Stefan Tomlinson, Jacob Fox, Andy Othling and Ethan Hall.

All images and music on this page and linked to this page are intended for promotional use and are the property of Archabald.  Please contact us at: with any questions