There is no hope here

Archabald is a based out of Albuquerque, NM and is known for putting on energetic live performances while mixing elements of Rock and Roll, Ambience and Poetry.  Archabald released their first album "Archives" in 2013 and are currently working on writing a full length album.



by Archabald
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Carcosa is Archabald's third major release due out Friday July 13th

Carcosa takes a dark dive into a fictional world where there is no hope This album takes a departure thematically and musically from prior Archabald releases. Guitars are darker and heavier, the drums are more aggressive and the vocals/lyrics deal with loss and separation. The single "Ichabod" will be released along side a short story on Friday June 29th


The entire album is centered around multiple characters and themes. Josh Gaines wrote a short story, in addition to making the album artwork, that ties the central themes of loss and hopelessness together in Carcosa.


An excerpt from the short story Carcosa by Josh Gaines:

"The Pit of Charity was an idea conceived by The Order soon after we all settled into Carcosa. They quickly realized just how overcrowded things were going to be. The Pit itself is a gaping hole in the ground, perhaps five meters in diameter, in the center of the city, with no guardrails or wall around it to hinder anyone from walking right up and casting themselves in. Looking in past its edge, one sees only a deep, infinite black, the kind of darkness that is more than lack of light, but one that carries an almost tangible weight and depth. It has been made legal in Carcosa to choose to end one’s own life—as well as the lives of any of that person’s dependents—by way of crossing the threshold of the Pit and falling in headlong. Not only is this legal, but encouraged. There is even an incentive. The chip implant in one’s neck is triggered at the moment of death and a generous sum of credits are automatically deposited into the account of the suicide’s living family or beneficiaries, if any. If the newly deceased has none, the funds are recycled into a larger account which is used toward the manufacturing of more Dulgees."

(Read the full short story here)


Archabald doesn't believe that life is hopeless, but we wanted to make an album that reflects how it can feel to deal with hell on earth.

Carcosa was written over the course of 6 months and recorded/produced by Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises), mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin) and mastered by Mike Kalajian.

Archabald will be releasing a mini-documentary series for Carcosa after the album is released.

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